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Savory Friends

Last night we had dinner with Steve and Karen and Rachel. They cook like the apocalypse is coming and we’ll never get this again. Lovely. It’s not often I eat magenta colored food — a whole plateful of beet risotto with a side of baby green beans, with crusty whole-grain bread. And chocolate — a souffle you could eat forever because its velvet smooth layers of cream and cocoa just slide across your tongue. I looked at my bowl and sadly thought of licking it. Sometimes we’re able to grab moments like this. When someone cooks for me, sure, it’s sweet, but it’s as much the dreaming, talking, and yes, Rachel, even the ranting — that is good, and safe, and right. I pray they will be blessed for welcoming us as pilgrims in need of a brief wayside rest. Margie


  1. This picture reminds me of the food they eat for dinner in the movie Brazil at the restaurant were the bomb goes off.

  2. Amazing photo…Sorry we were unable to meet while you were in the area-we really enjoyed your husband’s class and having the opportunity to place face and name together there at least. So glad my mom and sis were up to their usual culinary selves that night, in spite of the illness that crashed in on us all that week. I particularly appreciate the apocalypse metaphor…so true.

  3. Ah yes- Karen really knows how to step it up with a meal (or morsel) and send it to the upper echelons of culinary experience. Happily, Rachel seems to have inherited her creativity. I hope it will rub off on me without turning into a talent for knowing just enough to screw it up.

  4. Margie, dear friend, you are a delightful writer and one of our very favorite table guests. You always have a place there, wherever we or you are wandering.