John Mason Hodges, Jr.

Since 1983 John Mason Hodges has conducted orchestras (14 years), taught college (7 years), and all the while lectured on Christianity and the arts, education and culture in conferences and on college campuses, all with the hopes of helping Christians apply a Christian worldview and grow in discernment. Mr. Hodges presently holds the position of Director of Music at Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, where he conducts services and concerts, composes and arranges vocal and instrumental music, and refuses to allow disunity over music in worship. Mr. Hodges holds a B.A. in music from University of Maryland and a Masters of Music degree in orchestral and operatic conducting performance from Indiana University. He lives in Memphis with his wife Day and son Mason.

Bernstein, The Chichester Psalms (1965)


In 1965, Chichester Cathedral, with her sister cathedral in Salisbury, commissioned American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein to compose a setting from the book…

Tavener, Fall and Resurrection (2005)


I am often asked, “We know there were faithful Christian composers in the past, but what about Christian composers today?” One of the most…

Gorecki, Symphony 3 (1992)


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