Denis Haack

Denis is the author of The Rest of Success: What the World Didn’t Tell You About Having It All and has written articles for such journals as Reformation & Revival Journal, Eternity, Covenant, and World. He holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

Apologetics and the Christian Imagination (Holly Ordway, 2017)


Apologetics both reasonable and imaginative Imagination and reason turn out to be intimately related. If you doubt that consider this common experience: You are…

The Hidden Life of Trees (Peter Wohlleben, 2015)


Trees are not just things When the ancient trees spoke wisely and moved slowly, heroically in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the…

Expertise vrs. Wisdom

Discernment / Faith / Ordinary Life

Knowledge isn’t enough I’ve noticed recently that I hear a lot about expertise and being knowledgeable or informed, but I rarely hear anyone talk…

Fire Sermon (Jamie Quatro, 2018)


The depths of desire I have read a lot of good novels over the years, stories that captured my imagination, drawing me into a…

An Inspector Calls (Aisling Walsh, 2015)


I am responsible for what I know The story of An Inspector Calls occurs in April 1912, and the action takes place in a…

Less: A Novel (Andrew Sean Greer, 2017)


A mediocre life searching for love I decided to read the novel, Less by Andrew Greer because it won a Pulitzer this year. “A…

The Cloud of Knowing (Ellis Potter, 2018)


The clouds of scripture and reality Ellis Potter suggests we can best understand reality by seeing it in terms of two great divisions. The…