The Owl of Restoration and the best Scone Recipe

The restoration of routine and order. How good it has been to waken to slow coffee, fresh baked scones (I love the recipe I’ve used for years) and a gentle snow covering the earth, just as it should at this time of year.

For recipe click here.

As I looked out on the woods that is bleached of color – only shades of gray, white and black, branches loaded with snow and the ground untouched by tracks for the moment, I didn’t expect my eye could espy anything unusual, but in the crook of a tree, not far down the ravine, was an unfamiliar round bump hunched up against the trunk.

A burl?

An owl!

One of God’s little hunters hiding in the storm, snow gathering on her head like a little cap. She sat for hours occasionally opening her eyes which caused the geometric shape of her face to emerge from camouflage – two circles and a triangle.  If only I knew how to place a little white arrow on this photo to place her. But can you spot her sitting in the tree?