Eating with Writers

When certain dear members of our family visited recently, ones who work in the restaurant business to support their daily needs and pursue the art of writing and drawing as major life-callings – before they landed in our area they researched one of the best chef-run establishments in the Twin Cities. We saved money for this extravagance – a five course tasting menu with wine pairings. It was interesting, fun and, tasty. Such experiences make me feel like such a poser – me in my cotton clothes and scuffed boots – but we managed to release ourselves to the evening menu with laughter and joy. My favorite course was the third. What it was I can’t really say and don’t even know what it was called, but it looked something like this.

Right now I’m reading A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and came across this quote that made me laugh. I am not skilled in such esoteric choices and could easily land on the “heavies” in every course. Bring it on.

“Taking a sip, the Count reviewed the menu in reverse order as was his habit, having learned from experience that giving consideration to appetizers before entrees can only lead to regrets. And here was a perfect example. For the very last item on the menu was the evening’s sole necessity: osso buco* – a dish that was best preceded by a light and lively appetizer.”

*If like me you wouldn’t know an osso buco from a calcified bone – it is a rather hearty Italian dish made with veal shank containing marrowbone, stewed in wine with vegetables and seasonings. Mmmm.