Scott Schuleit

Scott Schuleit received the M.A. in Christianity and Culture from Knox Theological Seminary. His poems have appeared in the Mars Hill Review, The Penwood Review, Spring Hill Review, Christianity and Literature and Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal. His non-fiction has been published in several print and non-print publications, including: Tabletalk, Reformed Perspectives Magazine,, The Gospel Coalition and Modern Reformation. Scott is the Youth Ministry Leader at Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church and enjoys walking, observing, reflecting, and spending time with his dear wife Christina.

Old Woman


Old Woman Sitting alone, old, a woman in her living room, the drained, blue-gray wash of her eyes staring down deep into a memory,…

Gas Station


Gas Station Semblance of an oasis in the warm, cricket-rich dark, illumined with a steady glow of muted iridescence. The teller is fully-fleshed, folds…

A Short Essay: Candles


Click. A button was pressed on a lighter and a small flame appeared in the dark sanctuary. It was like a seed of light,…

Three Haiku


From wind-sifted trees the cold fire of crisp leaves scrape across cement ******* Coffee-steam vanishes before a window of winter ******* Wingtips slowly slicing…



Train In the dim, flat, yellowish light of the cabin, my brothers and the other passengers sat almost motionless, staring out through green-tinted windows,…

The Forbidden Bird (a short story)

Art / Culture / Ordinary Life

The Forbidden Bird Far beneath the gaze of perfect clouds drifting through a peerless twilight sky, there ran two children down a winding forest…

Essay: Loneliness


Opening the door and walking out into the warm night, I step out onto the suburban streets of my neighborhood, their grainy texture partially…

The Innkeeper, Immanuel and Herod


The Innkeeper points through his doorway from out of firelight, laughter, to a cold manger. *** Immanuel She rips strips of cloth, placing Him,…



Fireflies Out in the country the stars speak to you, sometimes they sing their silver tongues there shimmering in vast choirs amidst cathedrals of…