Ruth DeFoster

Ruth DeFoster lives in St. Paul with Calvin. A doctoral student in mass communication at the University of Minnesota, her research and writing focus on media ethics and law, particularly media coverage of terrorism and crime.

Bring the War Home (Kathleen Belew, 2018)


The Legacy of the White Power Movement It is the difficult work of historians to bring order to the past. The very best historical…

Discernment Exercise: Postville II

Discernment / Exercises

Postville: Undocumented workers, immigration & justice (II) Six years ago, Raul worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota. He was soft-spoken,…

Postville I: Undocumented Workers, Immigration & Justice.

Community / Faith / Pluralistic World

Everything changed for Postville on a morning in May. At 10 a.m., immigration agents descended en masse upon the tiny Iowa town. They arrived…