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Cold Press Coffee so easy your dog could make it

“I’m on my third day in a row – back on coffee. I feel better about life.” (expletives deleted) Recently a friend texted this after being on a diet that required her to be off coffee for two weeks.

It’s bad for you. It’s good for you. No one agrees. Recently a doctor told me if a patient wants to help control symptoms of reflux they should ditch coffee. I’m beginning to not care what the medical pundits tell us about the benefits or the damage my favorite beverage is doing to our brains and bodies. Until. Until this.

Some of the  latest medical research tells us that it possibly helps prevent type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and promotes a healthy heart. I AM SO going with this.

Meantime I learned certain beans are naturally lower in acid and if you add to that the process of making cold press coffee, the acid will be even lower. And what’s not to like about cold press coffee?

Cold press almost completely lacks bitterness and yet it retains the aromas and tastes of all those interesting qualities baristas are able to sense. I mean, not that I ever detect berries, leather, ash, caramel or fresh nuts. But chocolate? Oh yes. Everyday I imagine there are hints of chocolate in my coffee mug.

Cold press coffee is extremely easy to make so I’ve made a little video to demonstrate that if I can make it, so could you. All you need is a pound of ground coffee and a Toddy Coffee maker system. Once you purchase the Toddy maker, you are good to go for years of great drinking. Yes.