Margie Haack

Margie Haack with her husband, Denis, are co-directors of Ransom Fellowship, a ministry helping Christians engage postmodern culture in ways that are both authentic to the Christian faith and winsome in its expression. Margie is the author of The Exact Place, blogs at, and is editor of a quarterly newsletter, Notes From Toad Hall, where she writes about being faithful in the ordinary and the everyday. She is also a columnist for Comment Magazine, a grandmother, a lazy gardener, and a chocolate freak.

The Joy of Bees


A long time ago when our children were young and we lived in Albuquerque, Denis traveled a lot. The reason I mention he traveled…

Eating the Easter Bunny

Creation / Maturity and Flourishing / Work and Rest

You know, there’s a reason why they call those free range, organic chicken breasts in the super market “Smart Brand.” As opposed to raising…