James K. A. Smith

James K. A. Smith, the editor in chief of Image, is an award-winning writer, sought-after speaker, and professor of philosophy at Calvin College where he holds the Gary & Henrietta Byker Chair in Applied Reformed Theology & Worldview. Jamie has been editor in chief of Comment magazine for the past six years. His books include You Are What You Love, Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?, Imagining the Kingdom, and How (Not) to Be Secular, among others. He has written for the New York Times, Christianity Today, Slate, Wall Street Journal, First Things, Books & Culture, and Image.

In Praise of Boredom

Art / Spirituality / Visual Art

Reading the World—by James K. A. Smith In Praise of Boredom In his book The World Beyond Your Head, Matthew Crawford talks about what he…