The J. I. Packer Collection (Alister McGrath, 1999)

Few modern evangelical theologians have been as prolific or as influential as James Innell Packer. Best known perhaps, for Knowing God, Packer has been writing thoughtful articles for various publications for over three decades. In The J. I. Packer Collection, Oxford professor of historical theology Alister McGrath reproduces 16 pieces by Packer, providing both an introduction and a set of study/discussion questions for each essay.

The range of issues addressed by Dr. Packer is impressive, a testimony to his scholarship and to the fact that for the last half of the twentieth century he has been at the cutting edge of theological reflection. Topics include revelation and inspiration, idolatry, the problem of eternal punishment, C.S. Lewis, revival, the Lordship of Christ, and Christian spirituality. Reading through these essays and using the study questions will help us learn to think theologically by allowing us to be taught by a man whose mind has been renewed by God’s word.

We recommend The J. I. Packer Collection to you.


The J. I. Packer Collection (Alister McGrath, 1999)