Puritan Papers (Volume 2, 1960-1962) (J. I. Packer, 2001)

For many years, Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer convened a conference of Christian thinkers in London to reflect on the work, theology and lives of the Puritans. They thought the Puritans important not just for historical purposes, but because the Puritans demonstrated strengths in areas in which modern evangelicals are weak. Now the papers read at The Annual Puritan & Reformed Studies Conferences during the years 1960-1962 have been edited by Dr. Packer. This series will not be of interest to every believer, but those interested in the Puritans and their rich theological heritage will be eager to add this collection to their library.


Puritan Papers (Volume 2, 1960-1962) edited by J. I. Packer (Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian & Reformed; 2001) 326 pp. + notes.