Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes?

Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes? edited by John F. Kilner, Rebecca D. Pentz, & Frank E. Young (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans; 1997) 255 pp. + glossary + index.

Another in a series of superb books from The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, Genetic Ethics is a collection of thoughtful papers that Christians concerned for medical ethics will want to add to their library.

Chapters include:
Introduction: The Experience of Genetic Challenges
“The Riddle of Suffering” by David Biebel (Director of Communications, Christian Medical & Dental Society)
“The Disease of Isolation by Markie Jackson (District Representative, Hemophilia Health Services)
“The Search for Shalom” by Hessel Bouma III (Professor of Biology, Calvin College)

Part I: Genetic Perspective
“Eugenics in Historical and Ethical Perspective” by Arthur J. Dyck (Saltonstall Professor of Ethics, Harvard University)
“Technology, History, and Worldview” by Nancy Pearcey (Fellow, Wilberforce Forum)
“God’s Sovereignty and Genetic Anomalies” by Michael Beates (Instructor of Biblical Studies, Reformed Theological Seminary)
“Playing God” by Allen Verhey (Blekkink Professor of Religion, Hope College)
“Reducing People to Genetics” by Henk Jochemsen (Director, Lindeboom Instituut)
“Resisting Reductionism by Restoring the Context” by V. Elving Anderson (Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University of Minnesota)

Part II: Genetic Information
“The Human Genome Project” by Francis Collins (Director, The U.S. Human Genome Project)
“Behavioural and Germ-Line Genetic Research” by Leroy Walters (Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University)
“The Incentive of Patents” by Stephen Sherry (Attorney, McAndrew, Held & Mallory)
“Genetic Testing and Confidentiality” by C. Christopher Hook (Director of Ethics Education, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine)
“Prenatal Genetic Testing, Abortion, and Beyond” by Scott Rae (Professor of Biblical Studies and Ethics, Biola University)
“Genetic Counseling” by Elizabeth Thomson (Acting Branch Chief, National Center for Human Genome Research)
“The Educational Challenge” by Martha Newsome (Professor of Biology, Tomball College)

Part III: Genetic Intervention
“Genetic Therapy” by Frank Young (Director of Adult Education, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Washing-ton, DC)
“A Theological Basis for Genetic Intervention” by John Feinberg (Professor of Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
“Ethical Standards for Genetic Intervention” by James Peterson (Director, Program in Religion, Ethics, & Technology, Wingate University)
“The Case of Human Growth Hormone” by Dónal O’Mathúna (Professor, Mt Carmel College of Nursing)
“Contemporary Christian Responsibility” by Charles Colson (Director, Prison Fellowship)
“The Church and the New Genetics” by C. Ben Mitchell (South-ern Baptist Human Life Commission)
“The Church as a Welcoming Community” by Marsha Fowler (Professor of Nursing and Theology, Azusa Pacific University)