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There were those moments as a child,
when epic dreams
beyond the borders of sight—
the margins of the world—were revealed,
offering an elusive glimpse,
a vague vision, like that time
considering hickory smoke
threading from a dark, winter wood,
rising, dissolving
into the infinity
of a blue-gray evening.
Or, after the fresh of fallen snow,
all alone in the starry silence
of early morning,
finding myself wandering
amidst the silvery-blue shadows
of smooth, softly glittering hills.
Once, it had emerged
upon entrance into a room
flickering with orange firelight
and spiced with cider, laughter,
the wonder of each interval
a sliver of light
through a crack in the door,
flaring for a timeless instant,
unveiling a glimpse
into the dark of distance—
a whisper of splendor and mystery—
those moments as so many hints
into the spaciousness
of the everlasting.

Copyright © 2009 Sehnsucht. Reprinted with permission of the author.


“Hints” was originally published in Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal, Volume 3, Winter 2009.