Poetry: Outside My Office Window

Outside My Office Window

Sleek vehicles enclosing
flesh, blood, souls
hurtling over darkening earth,
the bending world.

Road thins into distance,
roars and whines,
beasts circling something
injured, crying.

Smooth, undying glitter of ads
glowing, its song
caging eyes, promises, promises
broken, gone.

Streetlights peering down,
still witnesses
watching, transfixed, unblinking,
silent, considerate.

And the deep longing of things,
stirring of leaves,
eagerness of stars, tremulous,
waiting, waiting.

Copyright © 2020 Scott Schuleit

Scott Schuleit is the Associate Pastor at Taft Street Baptist Church. He enjoys preaching, the arts, theology, good conversation, and spending time with his dear wife Christina.