Poetry: Moon and Rain


Bloated and precise,
a fat circle
swollen in its roundness,
glowing as if
gorged on stars.
A hypocrite,
acting as if
inherently luminous,
face smooth
from afar—
from a distance—
yet pockmarked up close.
Appearing beautiful,
yet dusty,
dead and cold
as bone,
as a blind opaque eye
giving semblance
of sight,
yet sightless
as unearthed stone.


Storm clouds deepen,
tinting the land
a soft copper color.
Streams of cool wind whirl
amidst the warmth.
Splinters of silver
flash in the air.
Thunders are freed.
Sky-shadows break,
releasing curtains of gray.
Hesitating, for only a moment,
I step out into the rain.

Copyright © 2018 Scott Schuleit