Poetry: A Constellation

Faithfully shining this fam’ly of stars
Patiently pointing in radiant song
Wheeling in motion to music they sing
The love in the law of the heavenly spheres.
The center surrendered a likeness defines,
Outlines an image, a pattern divine,
That daily declining rises to cheer,
Bright comfort and courage where it appears,
A sight that would guide a willing watcher,
If ancient light can the impossible
Distance cross to find a wanderer’s way.
So then shine, burn, bless, and be blessed—so bright—
That when the star of the morning appears,
Then we may meet in the light of the day.

Copyright © 2020 Samuel A. Hamer

Samuel Hamer is a practicing attorney in Minnesota. He earned degrees in physics from Wheaton College and in law from Harvard Law School. His occasional poetry considers themes of faith, doubt, and family. Sam lives with his wife, Naomi, and three boys near Minneapolis

Photo by Romain Briaux on Unsplash