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Nine Fabulous Books for Giving with Side Musings on Chickens and other Creatures

As Christmas approaches with the speed of an escaping mouse, you were wondering what to give that special picky person in your life who you love but has everything? In the most recent issue of Letters From the House Between, take a look at this year’s Gift List  (here) and you might find just the thing. A book! Honest, I think it has some of my better reading suggestions. I wish I could do the year over and rediscover them all, they were that good. Each book is available through our good friends at Hearts and Minds Books. (here)

Advent is all about waiting, not just for the birth of the King, but waiting to be healed of life’s hurts, to be comforted some way some how on our journey Home. The measures God takes to encourage and comfort can be odd, like the staff, the rod of Psalm 23. I’ve thought a lot about the phrase “thy rod and they staff, they comfort me.” This new issue of Letters From the House Between reflects on the unlikely comfort found in a stick including some musings about what we hold in common with sheep and chickens.

So take a look and be encouraged, Emmanuel has come and he plans to be with us for ever and ever.