My Life

My life is
An obstacle.
Sadness is a hurdle.
My life is
A cloud.
Angriness is thunder.
My life is
A field.
Happiness is flowers.
My life
Is nothing but feelings.

The feeling of an artist

The feeling of an artist.
Quite an amazing thought.
Like the first day of school.
A tingling feeling mixes with nervousness.
Excitement churns inside you.
Like diving into the ocean.
The salty water meeting your head.
Whenever that happens, savor that moment.
Remember it when you give one last stroke
to your beautiful painting.
And savor that moment.
As an artist does.

Pale as Moonlight

Sunlight splashes
on the cat’s fur
Pale as moonlight.
The seagulls’ feathers
reflect off the water
Pale as moonlight.
The egg lays under the bird
Pale as moonlight.
The moon shines
as it’s supposed to be:
Pale as moonlight.

What is the purpose of me?

What is the purpose of me, I ask.
Why was I brought to this earth?