Interpol, Our Love to Admire (2007)

Recorded at the infamous Electric Lady Studios this is the third album from the New York based Interpol; the first on Capitol (a departure from Matador who had released the prior two albums).

Whereas previous albums were guitar-laden and leaning more Joy Division in their sound, this new release adds keyboards and pushes them toward a more produced sound in the vein of Coldplay or Radiohead.

While the melodies move towards pop, their lyrics move towards obscurity. I was looking for a story or a meaningful testimony somewhere in here and did not really find it.

Pioneer to the Falls
Show me the dirt pile and I will pray;
The soul can take three stowaways…

I have never listened to Interpol before, so the first thing that I start thinking about is who they sound similar to. I’d say their styling falls somewhere between Radiohead and Coldplay.

You fly straight into my heart. Girl I know you tried. But here comes the fault.

The presentation is very dramatic. This tune features a violin-style guitar solo. I’d say there’s a hint of Bowie influence (think “China Girl”).

No “I” in Threesome

This song opens with bass and piano riff-ling reminiscent of Nick Cave the Bad Seeds.

There are days in this life; When you see the teeth marks of time.

Note that with Interpol the song titles are often cleverer than the lyrics of the songs themselves.

The Scale

A very Duran, Duran sounding open to this number.

I have a sequin for an eye;
Pick a rose and hide my face;
This is the bandit’s life.
It comes and goes and then’s the breaks;
Under a molten sky, beyond the road, we lie in wait;
You think they know us now?
Wait ’til the stars come out;
You see that;
Well, I made you and now I take you back.
It’s too late but today I can define the lack;
I made you and now I take you back.
Who is talking?

The Heinrich Maneuver

the pace picks up

spare me the suspense


There are seven ancient pawn shops along the road
And the seven aching daddies you may want to know

pace is the trick

joy division-esque open

You women, you have no self-control,
The angels that mark outside,
you were known for insatiable needs.
I don’t know a thing.
I’ve seen love, and I follow the speed in the starlight.
I’ve seen love, and I follow the speed in the starswept night.
Yeah, pace is the trick.
And to all the destruction in men,
What picture of man and woman?

all fired up

A dream of you draped in wires
And leaning on the breaks
As I leave you with restless liars and dealers on the take
And I can read you like a gun
She watched this meeting hall, sweat and shake!
I’ll take you on
You see I’ve got this soul, it’s all fired up

rest my chemistry

piano drone open

My friends they come
And the lines they go by
Tonight I’m gonna rest my chemistry

who do you think

chink chord guitar open then builds echoey voice and heavy tom led drums

Slow decay, I won’t stop fighting yeah
Who do you think that is there?
I came to fight, I am in the air
I know you follow the body

wrecking ball

new order, joy division open.

Nobody warned you
Nobody told you
To make up your mind

the lighthouse

jangly guitar open.

And I warned them
I face the storms at the tides
From the lighthouse

Interpol are an American indie rock band, formed in 1998. The members of the band are Paul Banks (vocals, rhythm guitar), Daniel Kessler (lead guitar, back vocals), Carlos Dengler (bass, keyboards – commonly referred to as Carlos D.), and Sam Fogarino (drums). Their debut album Turn on the Bright Lights was critically acclaimed, while the follow-up, Antics, has been both a commercial and critical success.