Coffee (Scott Schuleit, 2017)


Tilting the glass pot, angling the spout,
pouring out a pure, dark-amber liquid,
a cataract arcing and glistening
with flowing lines of light
steaming into a glossy brown mug.
A thin stream of cream is added,
pure in its snowy-whiteness,
lightening the coffee’s color.
Carefully tearing then tipping a packet
sends sugar whispering and raising an island
that slowly, swiftly sinks.
The spoon clinks as it stirs,
forming a whirlpool within its wealth.
Fingers curl around the handle,
their nimble flesh grasping it firmly,
relishing its heat.
Raising the heft of the cup, lifting it to the lips,
holding it there for several moments—
breathing in the aroma of its warm mist—
before taking in a sip and savoring
its richness…

Copyright © 2017 Scott Schuleit