Critique 2018:4 is in the mail by  August 20, 2018

Francis Schaeffer Institute Lectures  September 21-22, 2018
“Apologetics & the Christian Imagination”
Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, MO
Denis gives plenary and workshop, both on film.

Covenant Presbyterian Church, St Louis, MO  September 23, 2018
Denis teaches adult class on film  10-10:45 am

City Life Church day retreat, Nashville, TN  October 6, 2018
Both Margie and Denis are both speaking

City Church, Nashville, TN  October 7, 2018
1700 Riverside Drive, Inglewood Elementary
Denis preaching at Sunday worship  10 am

Margie and Denis 50th wedding celebration  October 13-27
Somehere in Maine

Critique 2018:5 is in the mail by  October 15, 2018