Denis Haack

Denis is the author of The Rest of Success: What the World Didn’t Tell You About Having It All and has written articles for such journals as Reformation & Revival Journal, Eternity, Covenant, and World. He holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

Bioethics: A Primer for Christians (Gilbert Meilaender, 1996)


One of the temptations of our modern age is to leave specialized areas of life to “experts” in that field. Most of the people…

Discernment Exercise: Sound Bites for Jesus

Discernment / Exercises

I’m not tense, just terribly alert. It’s as BAD as you think and they ARE out to get you. Suburbia: where they rip out…

Discernment Exercise: Discussing Taste Tastefully

Discernment / Exercises

Unless you never talk about art with people, or carefully limit all discussions of aesthetic taste to those who are precisely like yourself, you’ll…

Discernment Exercise: Can We Vote Christianly?

Discernment / Exercises

Unless you really like politics, it’s rather hard, sometimes—let’s be honest—to get very enthusiastic about most elections. The constant barrage of commercials, the phone…

Reformed Iconography: The Art of James Disney

Art / Visual Art

We were eating lunch when James Disney suddenly said, “I see a landscape.” We were not talking about landscapes at that moment, or about…