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God in the Sink (Margie Haack, 2014) spacer God in the Sink (Margie Haack, 2014)
BY: Margie Haack
Excerpt from God in the Sink
Last summer in the space of a few weeks, I received more invitations to speak than I had in the previous two years altogether. I was beginning to wonder if God was sending me a message. Like, youíre an okay person even if youíre a little discouraged and havenít cleaned the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator for six months. Itís true that most of the invitations were not destinations, unless youíve heard of Onalaska, WI or Hinckley, MN. I just wasnít up to adding a speaking itinerary to my already anxious, over-wrought life. So I turned them all down except for this one, which I accepted quite by accident, though God may think otherwise.

I was having a weak moment just as I listened to the message my friend, Lisa, left on the answering machine about the possibility of speaking at her church when the mail arrived with one of my favorite clothing catalogsówhich I usually throw away. But this time, I said to my husband, as I leafed through, ďIf I find an outfit I like, Iíll say yes.Ē Itíd been three years since Iíd actually shopped for anything special. I wonít mention which catalog because if I say it was K-Mart you might think Iím cheap and sleazy. But if I say Neiman Marcus, youíll wonder how I could afford them, which I canít.

I was stunned to find something I really liked. I even lapsed into Minnesotan, yelling, ďOh, fer cue-it!Ē Then I laughed, and looking at the ceiling, I announced, ďI was only joking about accepting.Ē Then I felt so wicked, I only hoped God had a sense of humor, so to be on the safe side, I decided I had to say yes to this invitation. You immediately see the problem: this wasnít because I cared about people or wanted to be used of God to encourage others.

The irony deepened when I learned the theme for the evening was ďExtreme Makeover, Inside Edition,Ē and how we are often tempted to live as if the most important thing is how we look on the outside. I should have just bailed. But I had already ordered that great-looking dress. Somehow, in my talk I managed to segue from the introductory confession into the idea that the central reality of our lives needs to be Jesus and that anything else we place there, even if itís a good thing, will eventually break our hearts. Which lately has been at the core of what I continue to learn about the Christian life.

Wherever Denis or I speak, we are usually invited to put out free samples of Ransomís publications and a sign-up sheet for our mailing list, which I did. At the end of the evening most of my samples were left, and of the 200 guests, only two people signed up for our mailing list. By human measures this event was a minus for our ministry. But, of course, you can never be certain what things God will do with the material he has to work with.

One good thing: Iím still here, and not so dull-witted that I canít appreciate the irony of my existence. It isnít divine oversight, as if God failed to notice what I was doing or saying. No, he sees me very well, and it is strictly a matter of Godís loving kindness that I havenít been snuffed out.

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From God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall by Margie L. Haack (Oro Valley, AZ: Doulos Resources; 2014) pages 109-111, originally published in Notes from Toad Hall (Christmas, 2005).
about the author
Margie Haack
Margie Haack with her husband, Denis, are co-directors of Ransom Fellowship, a ministry helping Christians engage postmodern culture in ways that are both authentic to the Christian faith and winsome in its expression. Margie is the author of The Exact Place, blogs at, and is editor of a quarterly newsletter, Notes From Toad Hall, where she writes about being faithful in the ordinary and the everyday. She is also a columnist for Comment Magazine, a grandmother, a lazy gardener, and a chocolate freak.
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