Something to Read and Discuss—New Articles

I want to tell you about nine (that’s right, 9!) new articles that have just been posted on Ransom’s website. I hope you find them helpful.

1. First is a lovely poem that touches on a most human and funny moment between a mother and her daughter. It’s the sort of poetry that makes you see an ordinary thing more clearly. “Wasp” can be read here.

2. And another poem, this one about the quiet joy something as simple as a cup of coffee can bring us in a broken world. You can read “Coffee” here.

3. Let’s face it: it can be hard to know when to express an opinion and when to remain silent, when to speak, or join an argument, and when to mainly listen. Usually we reflect on this after the conversation has ended. But isn’t it important enough to reflect on it ahead of time? We’ve put together a discussion guide, “When to Argue… or Not” here.

4. A film worth watching and discussing is the science fiction movie, Ex Machina. A review with discussion questions by R. Greg Grooms, “The Real Test,” can be found  here.

5. Yale scholar Carlos M. N. Eire writes Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650, and comes recommended by Denis Haack. His review can be read  here.

6. And speaking of Reformations by Carlos Eire, a brief excerpt from the book can be read here.

7. Mink River, a delightful novel by Brian Doyle tells the story of life in a small, secluded town on the edge of the ocean in Oregon. It reveals that life, if you have eyes to see, is enchanted. Read a review, “An Extraordinary Ordinary” here.

8. And speaking of Mink River, a brief excerpt from the novel can be read  here.

9. Ellis Potter, author of the superb 3 Theories of Everything has just published How Do You Know That? Denis Haack recommends it here.

[Editor’s note: These articles, save one, appear in Critique #5-2017.]